About Us

The date of the establishment in terms of the beginning, the establishment and the nature of the activity, the changes made to the establishment, the latest developments, and the current status of the establishment.

  • Al-Damakhin Company Ltd. was established on 02/17/1439 AH
  • The first project to provide cleaning and maintenance services to Dr. Sulaiman Al Habib Hospital began in January 2019
  • The company’s first balance sheet for the period from 1/31/2019 to 1/30/2020 according to the Articles of Association.
  • The company has an expansion plan in operating, maintenance and cleaning activities for the hospitals, governmental and private medical centers.
  • The company is working to attract professional competencies in this field as well as to qualify the existing cadres to be compatible with the Kingdom’s 2030 vision.
  • The company works to bring in skilled manpower in the field of maintenance and cleaning of various nationalities in accordance with the policy of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development.
  • The company works on using modern information systems and technical applications in our specialty, maintenance and cleaning of buildings, hospitals, private and governmental medical centers, electrical works and mechanical work.